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Hi from sunny South Florida!

My name is Marcy Brennan.  I’m the artist and creator behind this shop.

I’m so excited to be able to put my art on all sorts of useful products in addition to wall art — things like tote bags, pillows, phone cases and more.  I can also share them with other women who love pretty things as much as I do. Now you can use and enjoy them every day too.  It’s a dream come true! ✨

I am a lifelong artist, a retired real estate agent of 32 years, a mom to two incredible daughters and Grammy to four amazing grandsons.  My life’s passion has been painting.  Now it’s no longer a side hussle; its my full time business. 🎨 Yay!

I’m a visual person, and I love pretty things.  I know a lot of other women do too. My art for 50 years has focused around creating pretty images.

I always wished I could somehow easily and affordably get my art on clothes and other items I could enjoy every day, not just on my walls.  With today’s print on demand technology, I am now doing exactly that.

I’m thrilled you have found my shop, and I hope you enjoy browsing and find something you love and can’t live without. 🌷

Marcy Brennan

Marcy Brennan

Professional Artist