Collection: Echeveria Succulent of the Month

This is a of collection of lush and colorful echeveria succulent digital art paintings offered on canvas prints in a variety of sizes. Collect one each month for a beautiful gallery wall of nature-inspired artwork by the end of the year. These canvas prints come ready to hang without the added expense of framing, but they would look stunning in floater frames as well.

Don't let the word digital art fool you.  Digital art doesn't mean fast or easy art! These paintings took hours and hours to create, but I loved every minute of it. 

Digital art is every bit as valid a medium of art as oil, acrylic, watercolor, and everything in between.  The digital artist must possess all the knowledge and skills of traditional art-making such as composition, color, and drawing to create their masterpieces as any artist in the traditional art mediums.

Just because a piece of art was created digitally doesn't make it any less valuable than traditionally created art.  At least, not to me.