Welcome to my new website on Shopify!

Welcome to my new website on Shopify!

I'm excited to get this site up and running to offer prints and items with my artwork on them, such as totes, canvases, posters, notebooks, pillows, phone cases and more.

I'm setting up the prints on framed canvases first because I already have artwork suitable for that item.  I will be creating designs that I can set up to reproduce as repeating patterns that will work on large items such as shower curtains, bedspreads, and tapestries.

I'm a retired 32 year veteran real estate agent and I'm so excited to now devote ALL my time to my art practice. It has always had to be a side hustle, taking backseat to my real estate business.  Now it's full-on art every day.

Art has been my passion since, at the age of 19, I picked up a brush to learn oil painting.  I have been mainly self-taught until recently when I got involved with a fabulous teacher who took my oil painting skills many steps up the ladder to the way I've always wanted to paint -- in an impressionist, colorful style.  These are the paintings you will see on my website right in the form of framed canvas prints.

I'd love to hear from you and what you think of my website so far.  I'm a newbie to Shopify, so I know I have a TON to learn.  I will tweak the site as I learn new skills. Any and all suggestions to make the site easier to navigate, prettier to look at, etc are most welcome.



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