New English Garden Fabric & Wallpaper Collection for Spring and Summer

New English Garden Fabric & Wallpaper Collection for Spring and Summer

I have spent many happy months creating this new collection of flowers, stripes and a plaid for the 2022 spring and summer seasons called English Garden. I originally created all the flowers in this collection last October in the #theydrawtober art challenge on Instagram. I created it all digitally using my iPad and the Procreate app. The prompt was English Garden, and it was right in my favorite things to paint.

It was a blast creating all the different flowers. However, when you only have a day to create this many flowers, it’s a rushed process. So I later went back and perfected each one of them. I also created wall art pieces for many of the patterns I later designed for this collection.

All of the designs in this collection are now available for sale in my Spoonflower shop on fabric, wallpaper, and home decor items. They are available on many different background colors in addition to the white background I’m showing below.

Below is a peek at each of the designs in this collection:

In the surface pattern design world, this is what is called the hero pattern. It is the larger design around which all the other patterns act as supporting characters. 

I simply took each of these flowers and arranged them into a garden setting for my hero pattern and placed a pink rose cluster in the spaces between each garden.  

These are the enhanced versions of the flowers I originally created set into a toss pattern design. A toss pattern is exactly what it looks like — as if I took a handful of flowers and tossed them down, causing them to land in many directions.

These are the pink rose clusters from the hero pattern set into a pattern that gives them the look of calico, which I just love! Especially on vintage teacups and saucers. 💖

These vining pink blossoms were originally created in just one bunch with five branches.  I digitally pulled them apart and created a number of different looks to the bunches.

I used one tiny pink blossom as a space filler and a line drawing of green leaves as a second filler.  These both star in their own supporting patterns in the following patterns below.

Pink polka dot pattern using my tiny single blossom from the vining flowers above.

Line drawing of green leaves in a toss pattern, also pulled from the vining flower pattern above. It makes a pretty standalone pattern.

 Echinacea or cornflower pattern all lined up in rows with green polka dot fillers. This is such a happy pattern


What is a pattern collection without a stripe and a plaid? And for spring and summer, they must be in pretty pastel colors!

I lifted these colors straight from the flowers in this collection. For the plaid, I simply duplicated the stripes and turned the second one 90 degrees on top of the first one. Felt like cheating, but I so love the result. 💜

Wall art created for my Society6, RedBubble and Fine Art America shops.

You can see all the patterns in this collection on white as well as many other background colors, such as blush, black, green, blue, delphinium (purple), cherry, dusty blue, sage, teal, etc. in my Spoonflower shop here.

I have also placed all these patterns on all the products in my Society6, RedBubble, and Fine Art America shops.

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