New Collection of Batik Style Illustrations!

New Collection of Batik Style Illustrations!

It’s fall ya’ll, and here’s hoping south Florida, where I live, cools off a little bit soon! I’m so ready for pumpkin spiced lattes and hot cocoa, but it’s just not the same in 93 degree weather.

I recently took a Skillshare class on creating illustrations in Procreate, an art app for the iPad, in the batik style of painting on fabric. I’m loving these illustrations so much, that I created 5 new paintings in a week! I couldn’t stop creating. I’m obsessed with this style.

One illustration is of a cute fall scene of two scarecrows under an arch of red and gold maple leaves overlooking a pumpkin patch.  I used two reference photos from my grandson’s visits to the local pumpkin patch in recent years. It’s called Pumpkin Time, and you can see my illustration and the reference photos below.


Pumpkin Time


This is Zakk, prob age 3

I’m a nut for funky painted directional signs, so they had to be in my illustration!

These new illustrations are featured on the home page of my website.  The paintings seem to glow from within and the colors are so brilliant—at least on my iPad screen. 

I’m offering each painting printed on 16”x20” stretched canvas, ready to hang. So if you’re looking for something cute for your fall decorations, check out Pumpkin Time and also my Illustration of a Boho Owl set in the forest.

Boho Owl

The last three in this series are Party Llama, Toucan, and Tropical Bunny. She will be great for spring.


Party Llama - She’s decked out and ready to party til the bats come home 💃


Toucan — this pretty boy needs a name — help!

Tropical bunny rabbit

Tropical Bunny — I’m kinda into the tropical thing in case you haven’t noticed 🌸

I couldn’t stop with these five illustrations, so I have been hard at work on a new series of colorful hibiscus in this batik painting style. They will be going on my 2023 Calendar titled “Hibiscus Garden.” Here’s a sneak peek at Miss January:


Coral hibiscus, tropical flower

I had initially created seven different hibiscus illustrations and various leaf and bud motifs for a repeating pattern (which turned out gorgeous and I’ll be sharing soon).  I had the idea to create five more for a calendar for next year. And the hibiscus pattern makes it’s debut as the cover for my calendar.  I’ve ordered a sample copy of the calendar and will be rolling it out as soon as I see the sample. 

I’ve also created 18”x18” versions of all 12 of the hibiscus illustrations and will be offering them for sale on stretched canvas on my website soon as well. So stay tuned.

My next big project is a series of autumn-themed cups of hot cocoa. I can’t wait to get started. Art life is GOOD! 🎨

Have a colorful, cool fall day 🍁🍂🌻,

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