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Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, Sarasota, FL

Posted by Marcy Brennan on

I was in Sarasota last week with a friend, and our first stop was my absolute favorite:  the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens.  It was tropical plant heaven!  The day was really hot and humid, even in the morning, but we still enjoyed seeing all the gorgeous flowers and plants.  The greenhouse gets completely changed out regularly according to the helpful docent.  When we were there, it was filled with all types of orchids and bromeliads in addition to many other varieties of flowers and plants.

I'm excited to paint from these photos! It's so nice to have so many flower and plant reference photos.  I really need to get out on a regular basis to the 3 botantical gardens in my area more often.  Each has its own unique style and all are fun to stroll through.

I'd meant to take my Sony DSLR with me to capture good photos, but I went off without it.  I did, however, remember my pillow. A girl's got to get a good night's sleep after all.  So please bear with my iphone photos I'm sharing below, which really aren't too bad. And I apologize for not recording the names of all these flowers.  There just wasn't time.

monet arbor

orange orchid, yellow orchid

pink daisies, gerbera daisies

pitcher plants

pintas, purple pintas, flower, garden

purple orchid

purple orchid

red and white orchids

tiger orchid

yellow orchid

yellow orchid

yellow zinnias, zinnias



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