Introducing My New Contrado Shop!

Introducing My New Contrado Shop!

I'm so excited to introduce my new Contrado shop.  It is a high quality print on demand shop.  Only products that are ordered and paid for will be printed, assembled, and shipped.  This means no unsold inventory sitting around costing money and less waste in the world. Contrado offers a huge variety of products that can't be found on other print on demand sites.

All the products are printed and shipped from the UK.  There are no sweat shops in China or other countries, so that products are ethically made by people paid a living wage.  Contrado uses only eco-friendly inks and seeks to reduce waste wherever possible.

I'm still adding products to my shop, but so far I have 57 items there.  One of the products Contrado offers that really got me excited are espadrille shoes.  I just think espadrilles are the coolest looking shoes.  Plus I love unusual names.  The word is French, and these types of shoes have been worn since ancient times. So you'll see lots of espadrilles in my shop.  :-)

Also exciting to see were umbrellas, rain jackets, bathing suits and sunglasses, and all sorts of dresses, jackets, and a variety of home goods.

My Contrado Storefront:

Marcy Brennan Art Contrado Store Front

Beach Stripes Large Duffle Bag

Marcy Brennan Art Beach Stripes Large Duffle Bag on Contrado

Beach Stripes Espadrilles

Marcy Brennan Art Beach Stripes Espadrilles on Contrado

Beach Stripes Bathing Suit

Marcy Brennan Art Beach Stripes Bathing Suit on Contrado

Beach Stripes Bikini

Marcy Brennan Art Beach Stripes Bikini on Contrado

Beach Stripes Sun Glasses

Marcy Brennan Art Beach Stripes Sunglasses on Contrado

Please check out my shop by clicking here.

That's all for now.  I'm off to add more great designs to products in my Contrado shop!

Make it a colorful day! Colorful Paint Palette Happy Face

Marcy Brennan Signature in Pink

P.S. - Please share this with your friends and family who are looking for unique products for themselves and for gifts!

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