Fun Arting Day at Grammy’s

I consider myself a pretty prolific artist, but I think my grandson Zakk topped me today. He did something like 16 different works on pieces of 5x7 toned paper.

First up is “Mr Hairy”.  It’s our favorite, one because it’s so colorful and silly, and second because he giggled all the way through the drawing. 😂😂

This one is a sea monster:

This one is a transformer with a laser.

Another transformer:

This one is a crab I drew for him and he colored:

This one is a turtle I drew and he colored.  I told him he forgot to color the head and feet, but he was ok with that. 😆

This next one is all his work — a colorful rainbow!

The next one is a beetle and a ladybug which I drew and he colored:

The next one is a praying mantis.  I drew it and he added all the hair. Apparently praying mantis are hairy little creatures. He said he learned this from his bug book. 😉

The next is a mosquito and lizard that I drew and he colored:

The next is another of our favorites—colorful fish. Again, I drew them and he colored them. And he added a puffer fish. 😆

The next two are ants, first black ants and next fire ants. I left the legs for Zakk to draw, but that didn’t happen. 😆

Next up is a couple of dragonflies and some of Zakk’s doodles:

Next are some colorful shells:

Last is a winged heart. Another of my favorites:

I asked Zakk if he was tired from all that drawing. He said no but my hand hurts. I said I feel your pain. My messed up hand always hurts after painting. 😉

The next three are Owen’s. The first two are watercolors (which I love) and the last one is in the creamy crayons Zakk was using:

The sunflower below is my daughters. I gave her my new box of 120 alcohol markers and said paint a sunflower—her favorite flower. She said I can’t draw. I said just do it! Keep it simple. She surprised me with the pretty blue background.

So it was arting day at Grammy’s house today. And a long golf cart ride around the neighborhood. Such a sweet visit from my peeps.

Oh, and I tried to get them to leave me one of their drawings, but they wanted to keep them all. I get that. I never want to part with my babies either. 🤗

Have a colorful day,


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