Day 3 of Mon Sejour Parisienne

Bonjour! Today we visited the cutest French bakery in Delray Beach called…wait for it…The French Bakery. 😂😂

We each had a croissant sandwich, me with roast beef, cheddar cheese and horseradish sauce and my sis-in-law with ham & swiss. We were disappointed that they didn’t have any colorful French pastries like macarons or tartlets. But the croissants were amazing. So we made a quick Walmart stop for Madeline cookies. Tomorrow I will draw them!

I have my adorable dog, Pico with me this time, and he was an angel in his stroller. He kept his eyes peeled for any other canine intruders. As we were leaving, an adorable Yorkie entered in a rainbow colored tutu.  (Not kidding). They barked obligingly at each other. Love to know what they were saying. 💞💫

We both just laughed at this picture because Pico’s head looks detached from his body. 😂😂

Across from the bakery is a cute antiques shop that had my dream Vespa. In another lifetime. 🥰

On the way home was the Habitat Restore where we found nothing interesting, and next door is a Goodwill where I found a pretty set of curtains I’m hoping fit my back sliding doors. I’ve been looking for a brighter set and these are a soft aqua pattern on white backgroud.

Before leaving for lunch, I began drawing yesterday’s items again quite a bit larger and more to scale with each other.  I’ve decided to wait until I’m home and can scan them in the black and white before painting them.  I kind of like the black and white look.

I still don’t have great control over my drawing hand. Still pain and complete numbness in my thumb and index finger, so my ink line work gets out of control at times.  I will be able to correct my mistakes in photoshop, fortunately.  I brought the drawings into Procreate on my iPad to play with a couple of color schemes:

I’d love to know which you prefer!

Then in a late night session, I quickly did these two bookmarks:

The red thing below the easel is a beret.  Again, the drawing hand let me down. I kept the other one in black and white to also scan before coloring. I love doing bookmarks.  They’re quick little art pieces and make nice gifts!

We capped off the day with some absolutely delicious garbanzo bean and kale soup my brother made with rice and chicken added while watching a Rick Steves video about chateaus outside of Paris—Versailles and several others. Last night we watched two of his Paris videos.  His specialty is Europe travel videos, and they are very well made.

That’s all for Day 3.  Time for sommeil de beauté!

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