Day 2 of Mon Sejour Parisienne

The day begins with this welcoming sign and some freshly brewed French roast coffee.

We spent lots of time on Pinterest reading about must-see places in Paris. My sister-in-law did lots of reading about the numerous Paris bookstores. The famous Shakespeare and Co owner will not let you take photos of the inside of the shop. We thought that a bit strange.

After a late breakfast I began to start a list of the various Paris-related things to draw.  Food items started to take center stage, so I sketched the icons below first in pencil, then in waterproof ink:

And then I painted them using gouache paints in a very limited palette after we came back from dinner. This was very difficult for me as there were no greens in the palette.  It took a lot of restraint.  Also, you may notice nothing is to scale with each other.  I just randomly drew things. I’ll have to redraw the table and chairs much larger if I decide to put them in a pattern with these other items. Right now they look like little dollhouse miniatures compared with all the other items. 😂😂

The fancy coffee drink doesn’t work because I have whipped cream floating in mid air! 😆 Hoping I can somehow fix this tomorrow. If not I will have to completely redo it. I actually made completely redo everything in a larger size anyway. And the next time try and put things in scale with each other a whole lot better.

Now I am off to watch some Paris related videos and tours for the evening. Au revoir — jusqu’à demain!

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