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I thought rather than post day 5 of my Paris staycation with my sister-in-law separately, I would just catch up on that and my latest goings-on.

We never left the house on Sunday and Monday. We just hung out painting, drinking lots of good strong coffee and chatting.

This is the little 6”x4” watercolor painting I did for my wonderful hostess. I used a photo reference from the Dreama Tolle Perry Flow Membership bonus photos for this painting and the one below. I’m thinking the above scene was probably in Italy vs France. But I know she loves pink and cute buildings, so it had to be this scene. 

This one appears to be in Italy as well. Dreama shares way more photos of Italy than of France. I’m going to ask her to share more France photos for awhile. 🤞🏻

The late nights of painting and binging-watching Aurora Teagarden Hallmark mysteries did me in. I got home Tuesday evening and crashed at 9:00. Then was up early to meet my daughter yesterday to shop for her youngest’s birthday coming up on Sep 30. They had literally everything at Target and I had my daughter who knows what her two boys have and don’t have, so I did their Christmas shopping there as well! Boy does that feel great knowing it’s only August and I’m all done for them. 😍🎄

So today is my first down day to stay at home and chill. I got home to my brand new portable floor model AC that my handyman installed the day I left not cooling. It was cooling after the install so I have no idea what happened last week when I was gone.  A call to the manufacturer this morning got me a new one on its way. So yay! It’s only 150 degrees in my garage studio right now. 🔥🔥🔥

While I was gone, my order of 120 Ohuhu alcohol markers and the special sketchbook for them arrived. So I unboxed them and set about color-swatching them all.  The color on the lids are totally not the color that comes out on paper, so these color swatches will be a great reference.

They have two tips. One end is a brush pen for painting and detail work. The other tip is a chiseled edge for larger areas. Both tips ended up looking exactly alike on paper so it turns out I could have done just one square per color. But two squares gave me more more room to write both the color number and the color. Here’s what a marker looks like below:

For now Ohuhu only sells the markers in sets, no open stock.  I think, though, as more and more artists take notice of and begin buying their sets and asking for replacement colors, they will bring out open stock colors. At least I hope so. I, like many artists, tend to gravitate toward certain colors (and where we live drives that a lot), so we run out of our favorites long before the others.

Check out all these gorgeous colors!👇🏻

The four sections of the case make it easy to group like colors. 

I made a dozen lemon poppy seed muffins between swatching colors to give my nerve damaged hand a rest and well…they were calling my name. 😜

And last but not least, my little Angel Pico had his spa day today and looks so adorable. And he smells great too! 🐶 💋💋💋 He ran around showing off as if to say, “Look at me! Look at me!” 😂

Then it took 10 lousy pictures to get this one good one. He sees the camera and turns away. 🤣😝

Have a colorful day,

Marcy 💖

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