🎉Announcing My First Ever FREE Online Class! 🎉

🎉Announcing My First Ever FREE Online Class! 🎉

Free YouTube Beginner-Friendly Procreate Class — Hibiscus Travel Poster
I’m so excited to announce that I have created my first-ever beginner-friendly Procreate class. And it’s FREE on YouTube! You will learn how to create this warm and colorful hibiscus travel poster in this class.
We will be creating it in a printer-easy 8” wide by 10” high format so you can print it on your own color printer at home. I recommend printing on matte photo paper. Then you can mat and frame it with a ready-made 11” x 14” mat and frame and proudly display it on the walls or your home or office.
You will need an iPad with the Procreate app.  It is a one-time cost of approximately $10-12 in the Apple app store. I recommend using the Apple Pencil to create your poster but a stylus that will work with the iPad will be fine. That’s it, that is all you need.
So brew yourself a heartwarming cup of hot tea or coffee, settle into your favorite cozy chair with your warmest, most snuggly throw, and let’s create together. And don’t forget to like 👍 and subscribe if you enjoyed my class. And hit the notification bell 🛎 to be notified of future classes.
I am already planning my next class, a beautiful tropical travel poster with hibiscus flowers (of course) and tropical leaves in the 1940’s barkcloth style of painting. It will be another beginner-friendly Procreate class. 🌺 So be sure to sign up below for my “happy mail” to be notified of this next class as soon as it is posted.

Until next time, make it a colorful day! I

P.S. Please feel free to share this post with your family and friends.  Who knows, there may some budding artists lurking in your family/friends tree. 🌴👨🏼‍🎨🧑🏻‍🎨

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