White Christmas for Pico | New Stretched Canvas  Print in my Merry & Bright Christmas Collection

White Christmas for Pico | New Stretched Canvas Print in my Merry & Bright Christmas Collection

I couldn’t resist doing a blog post to announce this one new painting on stretched canvas because I love it so much!  I originally painted this as a little 5.7” x 7.7” watercolor on paper last December, enjoyed it for a few weeks, and away it went into my box of dozens of small watercolor jewels.

I was rummaging though every box of my little paintings the other day frantically looking for a tiny 6” x 4” watercolor I painted months ago to give to a friend for Christmas, and I came across this little snowy painting, thinking I need to set this back out and enjoy it again. Then I thought, why not scan it into a high resolution file and offer prints of it so others can enjoy it too. So voila! I did, and it’s here for you to purchase and enjoy.

I have my stretched canvas prints made by a print on demand company, Gelato. I love all the sizes and types of ways they do art prints. I like to place my art on thick sided stretched canvas because it comes ready to hang without the cost and hassle of mats and frames. So even though this was originally a watercolor painting, it will look fabulous on stretched canvas.

Gelato’s quality on stretched canvas is top notch, at least on an 8” x 8” size. I recently ordered my February Hibiscus of the Month digital illustration on an 8” x 8” stretched canvas. It’s so solid, stretched tightly, and the colors of my illustration  are faithfully represented. There is a ton of detail in the painting, and it all printed perfectly.

I am offering this adorable snowy scene on two sizes: 8” x 10” and 20” x 28”. Click here to buy this print.

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Until next time, make it a colorful day!

P.S. Please feel free to share this post with your snow-loving family and friends. 🌲❄️❄️❄️

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