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Florals and Polka Dots

Posted by Marcy Brennan on

Some days, the inspiration just isn’t there, and today is one of those days. I had a very late night out last night, but it was lots of fun. So a tired day means sharing something from my artwork archives that’s never been placed in my shops:

This is an acryla gouache on paper that I painted over two years ago. It’s what an artist friend of mine calls a “fantasy” painting. It’s made up from my imagination. No actual real life arrangements or photo references were used, and no preliminary sketches were made.  I just dove right in with brush and paints.

I remember that there were lots of ugly starts, but that’s the beauty of acryla gouache—you can keep layering over things until you’re happy with the results. ☺️

I had a lovely time painting it, and I thought it was time to put it into my shops so others could enjoy it too. Before I began uploading the photo, I thought this painting would only work as wall art, but I found it looks really great on a number of products. It looks especially pretty on phone cases. You don’t see the whole painting on them, but I kind of like the cropped version on the cases:

You can check out other products with this artwork along with the wall art in my shops linked below.

RedBubble | Society6 | Fine Art America

Have a colorful day 🎨,

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