New Look to Website and Cool New Wall Art

New Look to Website and Cool New Wall Art

I've been hard at work redesigning the look of my website, creating a pretty new logo and a lot of new wall art!  I love the way my site looks now, more in keeping with the current look of websites. I used the Canva app to create my new logo, and loved how easy it was to use and how my logo turned out. There is a free version of Canva and a Pro version that costs $12.99/mo.  There is a desktop version as well as an app for mobile devices.  The desktop version is more robust and I find it easier to use than the app for more complicated projects.

Now to the fun part: new wall art.  I have created a series of colorful floral animals. I also decided to offer them printed on something new -- aluminum!  I'm offering them in five different sizes: 8x8, 12x12, 16x16, 20x20, and 24x24, with the 8x8 for just $25.  That makes putting together a collection of them quite affordable.  The 24x24 is actually very affordable at just $55.  Now you can purchase exclusive designs you can't find in big box stores at affordable big box store prices.  Win-Win!

I have created four different floral animals so far: rabbit, chicken, cow's head, and donkey and I'm offering each in a number of different color ways so that you can have a color suitable to your decor.  I absolutely LOVED creating these pieces, so there will be more to come.  If you have a favorite animal that you'd like for me to create, just leave me a suggestion in the comment section below. I'd love to create your favorite animal in flowers.

Oh, did I not mention glitter? Each of my floral animal illustrations has glitter accents in the line work and in most of the backgrounds.  I used a glitter color to go with the color palette in each animal, so you will see silver, gold, and color glitter.  I decided to have these printed on aluminum rather than canvas so that all the wonderful detail (and glitter accents) in these pieces is retained, and aluminum will provide that. Plus, it's becoming a very popular new twist in wall art.

To see all my floral animal offerings, click here.

Thanks for tuning in! Until next time, make it a colorful day! 

P.S. Please feel free to share this post with your art and animal-loving family and friends.


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