New Digital Downloads!

New Digital Downloads!

I've been wanting to offer digital downloads of my art on my website for some time.  I finally took the time to figure out how to do it, and voila! I have quite a few to offer now. I watched a tutorial on making an illustration with a calendar for  wallpaper for the iPad, so I've been offering two different digital wallpapers for February for both the iPad and the iPhone.

I took a class early February on how to create adorable paisley designs on the iPad, so I created 6 or 7 cute paisley designs and whipped them up into a pattern with shamrocks on some of the paisleys and dotted around the background -- hello March wallpapers!

I recolored the red hibiscus travel poster used in my first online class and it's now a gorgeous pink, sized at 10x8, easy to download and print on your home computer for instant wall art!  I am also offering a sweet sunflower illustration I created in an art challenge a few years ago.  It's also 10x8 and easy to print at home.  To see all my digital downloads, click here.

Thanks for tuning in!  Until next time, make it a colorful day! 

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